May 102009


Leroy’s girlfriend doled out only one duty to him on the day of her brother’s birthday party: bring the balloons and don’t get jacked up on the way.

That’s kind of hard to do when he has to cross one treacherous river, weave through a gypsy camp, and accidentally find himself an innocent bystander in the middle of a gang war.

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He might have lost a pinky toe and he’s pretty sure one of the gypsies picked his pocket, but by golly every last one of those balloons made it unscathed. Except the green one, Leroy’s pretty sure the green one got spat on by a Crip.

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  6 Responses to “Art Promo: Bunch o’ Balloons”

  1. happy mothers day to one of the coolest moms alive!!!

  2. Happy Mothers day.!

    • P.S. I bought this!

      • Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Misty! And holy shit thank you for buying this! It’s a favorite of some of my friends and now they’re sad, which makes me happy because I’m mean:)

        • I for one am sad, it was an awesome piece, but at least I got to see it in person. Nanner nanner. I’ll be adding more to my Erin Art collection soon, though she’s already taken over my livingroom.

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