May 222009

Maybe I might be attempting to compile some of my crappy stories into a book, tentatively titled “My Dumb Book of Stupid Stories (Count the Typos!)”. In order to do that, I have to recreate some of the random photos I’ve used courtesy of Google images, because I’m not trying to shit all over copyright laws.

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What this means is that I will probably take a few more half-assed pictures and then get bored/exhausted/frustrated with the whole process, give up, and then find another data entry job.

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HOWEVER. Janna, Alisha and Henry promised to help me and they are reliable people who will probably beat me with bamboo switches if I quit.

Right now, the project is still in the novelty stage. I needed a picture of a girl in a denim jacket and after holding a bunch of things over Alisha’s head, she agreed to pose. It’s for a story I wrote called “That Fucking Denim Jacket.

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Blake was with us, and he’s a whore for the camera, so we got some more gas mask action in.




I could probably fill an entire book with just pictures of Blake, I have enough of them. Blake, you camera ho!

Chooch was all, “Me too, plz.” Taking pictures of Chooch requires deft back-peddling skills and a good sense of balance.


He totally couldn’t see.

  16 Responses to “The Promise of a Bad Idea”

  1. This is great,you can totally do this book, it will be Awesome ’cause I don’t even know you irl and I find your stuff very entertaining.

  2. Do it, oh please! I know you’ve tossed the idea around before and I really think you should just do it. It would be a shame if you didn’t.

    • I’m going to try! But remember the last time I was going to? It was very short-lived, lol. It’s all a matter of editing everything at this point and designing a cover, etc. Tedious!!

  3. you’re effin fabulous! so glad to hear it!

    cause im the fucking man (:

    • Lol, you’re such a gayblade.

      Have fun this weekend! We’ll miss you at Thingie Ball tryouts!

      • i mean i guess i will.
        im gonna be up there with her family
        which is a total bummer.
        but i get to ride quads and wreck shit :D!

        and i still hope i make the team because im elite.

  5. i’d be more than happy to shove bamboo shoots under your fingernails if you need a little extra support!

    • Gee Collin, what a shock!!

      You know what I was thinking about earlier? That time when I waited for Kim to come out of the bathroom and I was wearing that stupid pig mask. Haha. I miss Kim!

  6. Yes, you absolutely must do the book and I’ll do whatever I can to help you with it.

    I freaking love that picture of Chooch btw. Hahaha And LOL at Blake on the hearse too!

  7. can i ask you what kind of lenses you mainly use?

    ps- i’d buy a book. is the prospect of money better than torture?

    • I use the kit lens and an 85mm. I used to favor a 50mm but it broke and I’m still in mourning, lol.

      And then what I do after that is blunder my through and pretend like I know what I’m doing!

      It’s nice to know that someone would want my book, thank you Kate:)

  8. I’d buy the book, it’d probably become my new favorite book. In fact I’d probably buy lots of them and give them out as gifts telling people how awesome my Pittsburgh friend is.

    You just don’t know it yet but I am a bigger camwhore than Blake, ask anyone.

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