Aug 212015

Icarus the Owl just made a video for their new single and I’m so stoked on it!  My absolute dream is that they will tour with Artifex Pereo and Emarosa. I would cry through the whole thing.

Lately, I’ve been jamming so much shit from Blue Swan; Top Shelf; and Kurt Travis’s brand new label, Esque. I highly recommend perusing their catalogs, my friends! Snooping labels is how I find a ton of the music I listen to.

In other music news: Riot Fest is only a few weeks away and it’s pretty much all I can think about. And Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album came out today and in heaven. This is the best pop albums in YEARS if you ask me. I love her so much.


I work late shift today, so I have a few hours this morning to spend with Chooch and Judy. Judy is currently irritated because John Cena is on whatever Regis & Kathie Lee is called now. “I don’t see what’s so great about him,” she just spat from the living room. And Chooch is sitting behind me at the dining room table, playing Solitaire because god forbid I’m using the computer so he’s playing DARK AGES GAMES. Now Judy is yelling at him because he doesn’t remember what the first card was that he turned over? Is this what they do all day? Oh my god.

John Cena is on the couch now. WILL JUDY CHANGE HER OPINION? She just either half-chuckled at something he said or she’s choking on the horrid coffee I made this morning. (I think I used the wrong measuring spoon?)

“Stupid,” she just said with disgust.

I used to love watching Regis and Kathie with my grandma, but I always haaaaated Kathie Lee and her stupid stories about her dumb son Cody. I made a Frank Gifford Glenn the other day, but I didn’t like it so maybe today I’ll make a new one with Kathie and her big mouth in the background. Now that I think about it, my grandma is also the one who taught me how to play Solitaire so the parallels here are astounding.

Now Chooch and Judy are playing Life and screaming at each other about the rules.

I need another vacation. :(

Or longer weekends.

  3 Responses to “Friday Morning Music + Pointless Updates From My House”

  1. I vote for both longer weekends AND another vacation.

  2. People still play Life? As in the board game? I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Judy is the best. So happy to hear she is recovered and back to her old self!

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