Jan 102008


Marge, Clive, Rowan and Beulah just escaped from the robot-ward of Sing-Sing, called Beep-Beep, but since they’ve been incarcerated for fifty years, no one knows where to go.

“Wanna go see if the Rusty Tailpipe is still open on 73rd Street, grab us some boltburgers?” Clive’s suggestion was met with silence.

“Perhaps we should think about eating later, like say when we’re five states away,” Rowan patronized.

gouache and acrylic on 8×8 canvas board.

  11 Responses to “art promo”

  1. That is awesomeeeeee!!!

  2. yoink! It is OURS!!!!

  3. Taken? Dammit! This is so great! I hope Marge, Clive, Rowan or Beulah make another appearance sometime.

    why you gotta be so cool, bb?

  4. I was going to say that would look good on my wall, but I’m glad it’s taken so fast!

    • It would look good tattooed to your ASS, too. You should look into that.

    • Good thing you are NOT a tattoo artist!

      (0mg, I just forgot how to make an exclamation point. I was hitting /1 and couldn’t figure out why it was doing this /11111111. I’ll be ending everything in that from now on.)

  5. too fucking cute.
    i want 10.

  6. love.

  7. why are you so full of awesome?

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