Jan 102008

Halfway through my second night in the new seat over here in the tainted TERRORtory, I was called an elitist by Collin, who then went on to say that post-rock sucks which made the tendon in my right arm pulsate. (It still is.) Go listen to some more Tatu, fagwagon.

Then Bob was looking at my art and when he said he liked one in particular, I quickly chimed in that it was inspired by Chiodos.

"What’s that?" he asked.

"Uh, they’re only like my second favorite band right now." I was insulted that he didn’t know.

Collin said, "How could you not know? It’s only all she ever talks about."

"Yeah, I heard that, but I just never cared to ask what it was."


Also, I’ve appointed myself LOL Patrol because sometimes Collin replies to my emails with "lol" but now that I sit RIGHT NEXT TO HIM, I know that he’s not really laughing out loud. I’m going to make a LOL Police hat and pass out tickets. And warrants too.

Edit 9:16pm: Collin is listening to "Glory of Love." I glanced over and he was lip-synching happily.

Bob is disgusted.

Bob was dramatically waving his arms in the air, when Kim walked by and asked what he was doing. He told her he was making fun of the music Collin’s listening to, and she asked how we could hear it.

"Because it’s so loud," I said.

"It’s OK, I wanted to hear shitty music," Bob muttered.

A few minutes later, he asked, "Isn’t there another band with a city name?"

Collin said, "Boston."

"Yeaaaah," Bob said, making us think he was going to say they rawk. "I don’t like that band, either."

  13 Responses to “Day Two”

  1. LOL!! If it’s so wrong to listen to a song sung by two fake lesbians that wear school girl outfits and pretend to make out then I’m happy to be wrong! Also, i’m not paying your ticket dammit.

  2. i tried to call christina to ask her what your work email was so i could entertain you.
    but she won’t answer! she’s probably asleep.

  3. I loooove Boston. They’re one of my favorite bands. Heh, heh.

    Incidentally, “Glory of Love” is sung by Peter Cetera, who was the lead singer of Chicago (another band with a city name, haha) for a number of years. =D

    • I TOLD THEM THAT!!!!!! Everything I say goes over their heads though, because my sentences don’t include things like “axle,” “engine,” “carcarcarcarcar.”

      Boys are gay.

  4. “Edit 9:16pm: Collin is listening to “Glory of Love.” I glanced over and he was lip-synching happily. Bob is disgusted.”

    THAT made me lol for real.

  5. Oh Erin. It’s so cute when you front like you’re too cool to ride the fagwagon.


  6. “I’m going to make a LOL Police hat and pass out tickets”

    i have a police hat you could borrow!!!!

    tatu, collin? i’m offended.
    seems he only likes FAKE lesbos.

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