Jul 122009


Oh hey it’s art you can wear, and it’s on the cheap. (Possibly on the creep, too.) Tiny versions of a selection of my paintings are in the process of being lovingly mounted to these cute picture frame pendants, and when I say “lovingly,” you know that Henry must be helping me. Because if I was doing this on my own, I’d probably have hammered them in there with a dead man’s femur by now because Jesus Christ is this shit tedious.

Hopefully they will be finished sometime before Henry dies. And hopefully everyone will like them, or at least lie and say they do.

In other news, I am obsessed with the word miscegenation and have even turned dictionary.com’s audio pronunciation of it into my ring tone and Alisha wants to rip her ears off because I played it in a perpetual loop Friday night and apparently I have a habit of overplaying things, and now my son walks around chanting “miscegenation” at whim. It all stemmed when Henry clicked the info button on the remote to see what some old movie was about, and the synopsis said something about politics, romance, and miscegenation and somehow all three of us had gone our entire lives without ever hearing that word (and for Henry, that is one long ass time) so I was forced to look it up on my phone. And this is how I found out that my phone actually plays the pronunciations and ya’ll don’t even KNOW how tickled my fancy was at that fucking moment in time. Since then, I have had my phone announce the words “flagellation,” “gynecologist,” and “gonorrhea” ad nauseum and have subsequently had my phone confiscated more than once.

I am twelve. OK, nine.

Also, I was obsessed with Strongman competitor Phil Pfister yesterday because hello, awesome name that doubles as nom de gay porn, and because his faces looks like if Huey Lewis and Eddie Money were Mr. Potato Heads and had all their features mixed up.

And by “was obsessed” I mean that I thought he was awesome until he turned out to be FailBot: Strong Edition. He couldn’t even pull a fire engine past the finish line in under 48 seconds, what a fucking weak loser.

Get fisted, Phil Pfister.

  4 Responses to “Coming Soonish: Wearable Art”

  1. so delightful! Are they really as gold nuggget-y as they appear in the photo? (covets)

    • They really are!

      And I can’t believe I failed to enter your contest. I got as far as filling out my name/email/URL and then got pulled away from the computer from the hellion and never made it back.

      I am very sad about this.

      • Oh well, maybe you can post it here? I’m sure your readers would enjoy a good pee story as much as I do. Well, almost.

  2. How cute are those?

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