Oct 112015

Today is the pie party and our streak of perfect fall weather while gorging on filled pastries is holding strong! It is absolutely gorgeous today and I can’t wait to see everyone (and their pies)!

Currently I’m taking some time to decompress in the cemetery while Chooch is down the street at piano and Henry is at home probably staring at a wall and drooling. He baked his ass off yesterday and probably wishes he was “napping” in this beautiful sleep shack right now:

 Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and I will have a bite of pie for each of my far away friends who can’t be here today!

(I should have held the pie party in the cemetery. I’m an idiot.)

 Now if you’ll excuse me? I have some geese to mock and a unicyclist to gawk at. 


  2 Responses to “Pie Preamble”

  1. That guy had plans when he woke up. “Get unicycle. Ride unicycle through cemetery.”

    I hope it was the best pie party yet. Oh how I wish I could have come!

  2. You weren’t joking about the unicyclist. Was it a Yinzer?

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