Jul 172009

Tweets: Brought to you by Erin’s slick copy and pasting skillz, imaginary pets, and SILENT LIBRARY.

  2 Responses to “Tweets, from the hump of my camel”

  1. I love Matlock!!! One of the best shows, ever.

    where did the 45 year old mexican reference come from?

    and why are these still posted backwards? i didn’t find out how you got the camel until after i knew it was upset…. and taking you to buffalo.

    • Because we act like two dickheads at a high school lunch table, Henry and I were musing over the fact that that’s what Christina looks like, lol.

      Ugh, there was an actual site I used that would email all of my tweets daily, in a bundle, but the server for it crashed and it’s in limbo. So I’ve been copying and pasting them directly from twitter and the only way to change the order would be to copy each tweet individually instead of the whole page. And I don’t have the patience for that AT ALL!

      So…read from the bottom up? Lol.

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