Oct 302015

Chooch got his idiotic project done tonight, Henry and I finished his Halloween costume (the one he’s wearing in the school parade, nothis actual one; they have so many rules and restrictions that it’s almost stupid to bother at all), I watched the hockey game, started planning my next party because I had a split second of downtime in my brain and freaked out, and then I painted Vic Fuentes for myself because sometimes I HAVE TO PUT MYSELF FIRST.

LOL, just kidding. That’s pretty much all the time.



I’m off tomorrow (twice in two weeks, the nerve!) and I’m excited to walk to Cannon Coffee, watch the lame Halloween parade at Chooch’s school (and hopefully see Hot Gym Teacher!), get some more custom paintings started, and catch up on Scream Queens and American Horror Story, the latter of which has been pretty ho-hum for me (it takes a lot to shock me; I watch a lot of horror!) but in the last episode I watched tonight, The Cure’s “Siamese Dream” was playing in the background and that definitely got me to look up from phone (I’m still playing that dumb Simpsons Tapped Out game and it’s the Halloween event so I can’t quit now).

Um, I think that’s it. Aside from panicking because haunted house season is nearly over and I haven’t gone to all of the ones on my list, what a terrible life I live.  I always think that October is my favorite but then it’s here and I race through it so fast with heart palpitations and extraordinarily high expectations. Why do I do that to myself? I should buy a self help book. I think I need better structure in my life and this glass of wine is only half helping. Hopefully also tomorrow I’ll be focused enough to post some more about the Chronica wedding!

  One Response to “Stained Glass Eyes & Colorful Vic”

  1. I fucking love this painting!! Vic needs to see it.

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