Jul 202009

Hey. You. Blogathon is on Saturday & you know how you can help me? Give me a prompt! Or ask me something that you’ve always wanted to know & I will devote an entire post to its answer. (Keep in mind I’m a high school drop out so don’t askin’ me no hard ones, yodel-dee-dee.)

Do it here or email me at butgavincantdance [at] gmail [dot] com.

Also, if you’ve pledged $10 or more, don’t forget to tell me what word you want me to use /photo you want of Henry / song you want me to sing.


Missing you more than Milli Vanilli,

Erin fucking Appledale

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  1. Have you ever read PittGirl? She writes for Pitt Magazine now and I think you are a much better writer, way more engaging and entertaining and flat out original (and that goes for your tweets too).

    So my question is: Have you ever thought about getting a gig with a magazine/newspaper? It just seems a shame to me not to put your talent out there where more people can see it.

    Good luck on Saturday. :-)

  2. I was so excited about Andy Gibb I forgot to pick a word! So I pick “Sammamish”
    Can’t wait…I might have to stay up all night with you.

    And that guy is right, you should be getting paid for this.

    • That would be so awesome, even if you only stayed up for a little while, it would be fun to have some e-company!

      And thanks, you’re very sweet. I’m excited we get to swap again!

  3. The first thing that came to my mind was Henry with a fried egg on his head. I have nothing against the guy, I don’t know why but I kind of delight in how you torture him. It’s your fault; you’ve made me love you torturing him.

    How about “blumpkin”? Or is that too easy?

  4. Ok. I’m sending $20 your way. So here are my requests:

    1. Use the word: Dreamscape
    2. Take a picture of Henry hanging upside down doing something nice for you.
    3. If possible: May I have a pic of something with a beautiful butterfly?

    Love ya!! and follow ya tomorrow………. Good luck!!

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