Jul 252009


My nice quiet morning has been raped by the return of Henry and Chooch, who were out doing laundry and picking up Alisha. I’ve already yelled at Chooch like twenty thousand times and now the TV is on and I’m trying not to type what I hear and Alisha just threatened to put on the Spongebob marathon (when ISNT IT A MARATHON) because she knows I’ll scream.

However, she at least came bearing the motherlode of Blogathon sustenance!

  • WINE
  • sweet potato chips!
  • brownie turds on sticks!
  • Chocolate!
  • airplane vodka!
  • a stress ball!
  • Flavored oxygen shit!
  • walnuts!
  • and tea which is quietly chammomile and I’m laughing because there is NOTHING QUIET ABOUT THIS DAY.

  2 Responses to “#7 I have sugar now”

  1. I bet she pulled all that shit out of her bag too …….

  2. Whoa, they actually sell flavored oxygen?!?!??! DUUUUUDE.

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