Jul 252009

Alisha is spending all of Blogathon with me, which means she brought her pug, Bonzi, over for the festivities.

I have four cats. My only male cat, Don, is actually semi-near Bonzi. He doesn’t look scared, he’s just kind of checking him out.

But Marcy. Oh, Marcy. Do you know Marcy? She is the Queen of Darkness. She once did this to my good friend Shawn:


Marcy is not pleased that there is Canine in her domain. And by not pleased, I mean that she is walking around with an arched back and a fur-hawk, hissing and looking generally murderous.

I’m really worried that those hands will be Bonzi’s face. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that, and instead, she will realize that Bonzi is here to be her dog-slave, at which point she will mount him and they will gallop off into a dreamscape of bowls of Friskies and decapitated Christian heads hanging from strings like glorious Chinese lanterns. I just hope that one of those heads is not  mine.

Oh wait, I’m not Christian.


Marcy won Dark Hottie of the Month one time over at the goth chatroom I used to frequent back in the day (when I was young, but I’m still a kid). She used to write on LiveJournal, too.  I love that bitch.

  3 Responses to “#10 I Just Had a Cigarette”

  1. Dreamscape. hehehehehehehehe

  2. She drew blood from me at Game Night too :(

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