Jul 252009

So Alisha would feel like she’s contributing, I dumped a stack of old vacation journals in her lap and gave her the amazing privilege of picking excerpts for me to share with the Internet.

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It took all of five minutes for her to very sinsiterly say, “Oh, I choose THIS ONE.”

She likes it because I write “sike,” “dag,” “duh” and reference my walkman all in two pages. I WAS SIXTEEN. I also do not have that fucking AWESOMELY ARTISTIC and FEMININE handwriting anymore. But I still have the same supremely accurate page-numbering skillz0rz.

Also, Sharon = my crazy aunt.



In other news, Henry and Chooch are out “galavanting” for the day (I probably thought I was so cool for using that word, too, btw).

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I don’t know what they’re doing or where they’re at, but I do know that if I sat here in the same room as Chooch any longer, getting hit with toys while my fingertips are busy bleeding onto the keyboard for CHARITY, I’d probably be back to a childless woman by say, 5pm. Once they come back, I can start fulfilling everyone’s Henry-centric photographical wishes.

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P.S. Haha, “rilly.”

  4 Responses to “#14 Vacation Journal Overload”

  1. I think you need to bring back shut with the up arrow. Classic.

    As a side note, I was listening to BBC radio on NPR and they had an interview with some 15 year old kid who spent a week using a classic Walkman then asked him to compare it to an mp3 players. Ready for a shocker? The iPod is a million times better! What a great, hard hitting journalistic accomplishment. Maybe for the next report they can slap a 10 year old in the face and then run him over with a car and ask which one hurt more.

  2. After moving to Lansing and unpacking boxes I found my old diaries and poem books from middle and high school. I spent a few days combing through them with laughter induced tears, man was a I a silly little thing!

  3. Oh man, that was too funny…your handwriting at 16 was way better than mine!

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