Jul 252009

vacation3vacation4vacation5vacation6OK, so this was Alisha’s next pick, specifically because she wants everyone to know that I was obsessed with some guy eating a sandwich, which I have video of too, but not the capability to upload OH NOES FOR YOU. I still don’t know why she wanted all of these pages for something that was only like, five sentences. (I originally said 3 and then went back and counted because I am not a good guesser, apparently.)

Anyway, this was my trip to Australia to see the Cure, and for some reason, it took three people to send me off and I annoyed the shit out of them the whole time, because this was pre-9/11, when people were actually allowed to be in the boarding areas. Also, when I wrote *swoon* up in there, that was completely insincere because I’m pretty sure Jeff and I did not get along the entire time he was at the airport with me.

I just finally got my food. It was a vegetable wrap. It was delicious. IF THIS WAS OPPOSITE DAY, WHUT WHUT.

  One Response to “#18 Vacation Journal Excerpt, part 2”

  1. mmmm… sandwiches…
    Lake Sammamish is where Ted Bundy pulled off his “oh my arm is in a cast, please help me with my boat, girl in a bikini” 2 for one killing spree…or you could just use it as a made up word. That would be awesome.

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