Jan 292016

I’M SICK. I felt it coming on two days ago but I thought it passed, then it cold-cocked me in the face today and I had to leave work early. I’m a hot mess. Rested a little bit but now I’m sitting here, all bundled up and bored. So I decided to do a little iPhone photo dump because what else have I got going on, other than cold sweats and hot compresses? 
Still obsessed with a defunct restaurant I’ve never even eaten at: Ernie’s Esquire. Sometimes I google it to see if I can find anything new, and the other night I did! Someone posted this old Ernie’s postcard in some Pittsburgh nostalgia Facebook group. Ugh, that joint looks like it was THE SHIT.

 Me n bae. This is probably how I got sick.  
I bought graham cracker coffee at Nicholas’ the other day. One of my last moments of joy before I got SICK.

 Haven’t been able to work on any paintings for a while on account of getting kittens AND SICK.  

Amber2 brought this crazy cake-in-a-box to work last week and it say there for a full day because no one was brave enough to open it. I even tried to woo the HR guy on our floor into opening it.

“I really want someone to open this,” I said, my voice pregnant with hints and suggestive lilts.

He paused on his way past, got close enough  to read the MYSTERIOUS ITALIAN, and then said, “It’s not going to be me” before heading back to his office.

I’m losing my touch.

But then Amber2 came into the kitchen and together we unboxed it. The powered sugar was packed separately in a pouch, so Amber let me do the honors. I was hesitant at first and then just dumped the whole thing out in no particular pattern.

One of of our coworkers walked by and asked what it was.

“A science experiment,” I said.

She believed me.

It sat there untouched for quite a while. Not even Glenn was brave enough to try it. Finally, some hours later, I took a small piece. It was spongey, like if someone wet a biscotti and then let it mostly dry.

I enjoyed the presence of this cake. It was a good conversation starter.

 One of my unbirthday presents from Gayle, which reminds me, SHE DIDNT GIVE ME JANUARY’S.  

Henry reupholstered our two bar stools just in time to get two kittens!

I was bored a few weeks ago and painted this crap over top of a picture from goodwill.

Such productive.  

YOU GUYS. I could die. I started yelling at work when Emarosa tweeted this and immediately shoved my phone into the faces of Amber 2 and Todd (Glenn was gone for the day but I Emarosa’d him the next morning, don’t worry).

“Wow,” Todd said. “It could be tomorrow or 300 days from now.”


Then I found out that CASEY BATES is producing it and literally, 100% TREMBLED as I texted Henry about it, whose response was: “Who?”


I’m the kind of girl who fans herself over who is producing what record, ok? Let me have my small joys.

Speaking of small joys, I finally finished the first Law Firm zine and was able to distribute it the other day! It seemed to be pretty well-received and I hope it doesn’t get shut down because it seems like it could be a really fun, interactive thing for our whole group. This issue featured an interview with GAYLE who shared her time as a TRUCK DRIVER with us. It was great. I had to censor the part where she talked about being offered blow jobs by a lot lizard, though. Look at me! I’m already a REAL MEDIA MOGUL!

I tried to sketch a picture of the ITALIAN CAKE for the Things That Happened In January page but it ended up looking like a haystack of dicks wearing a toupee, so I just used the actual picture of the cake.

Carrie and I had lunch with Allison on Wednesday so I brought her a copy. She was all excited about it and then ALMOST LEFT IT BEHIND as we were leaving. I grabbed it from the table and gave it back to her.

“I carried that the whole way here for you,” I said in a hurt tone. She seemed geuinely sorry.

In other news, I got my Brand New and Basement tickets yesterday so that’s a pretty big joy.

I was going to watch horror movies but then I remembered I took my contacts out and I still don’t have glasses. So I guess I’m going back to bed. I think my neck is broken.


  2 Responses to “Small Joys”

  1. Well, I WAS a little pre-occupied last week…. I remembered around Cincinnati that I forgot it….. Hope you feel better by Tuesday!

  2. “I’m the kind of girl who fans herself over who is producing what record, ok? Let me have my small joys.”

    YES. This. :)

    I just fucking lost it over Glenn’s peanut interview! THIS is why you RULE. Oh, the hell we would raise as co-workers!!!

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