Jul 252009


“Where’d our caravan go, ya’ll?”

“I think I done parked it over by the cabbage patch.”

“Shit goddmann mo’fucker, I left my tambourine over at that colored man’s yard sale after I got caught pick-pocketing that city girl.”

“Grampa Jeb, where you goin’? It’s time to put on a fresh coat of hemrrhoid cream ‘fore you get all enflamed again and we got to take you back to the ‘firmary in the wheelbarrow.”

[Alisha and Janna pulled in just then and got to see this lovely gang of gypsy farmers up close and personal. Alisha said they had fantastic faces and now I am sad that I only got to see their broad backsides.

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  One Response to “#22 Things Seen From My Bedroom Window that Aren’t Strange At All”

  1. Why does the one guy in black look like he’s in b&w?
    Even his skin is grey?? that can’t be healthy

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