Jan 212008

Today begins “National No Name Calling Week.” To prepare, I’ve been doing some Olympic stretching and shadow boxing in front of the bathroom mirror.

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Any bets on how long I’ll last?

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I haven’t been feeling very nice lately.

Also, last night left me with some new insight: I don’t have friends, I have a cult following. It was probably one of the most flattering (and insane) things anyone has ever said to me, though I’m sure that wasn’t the intention.

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 I LOL’d for a long time. I like being amused.

  14 Responses to “Well, I’ve got a friend in Detroit….”

  1. O Great Leader,

    Our secret has been uncovered (we were so careful!) Shall I prepare the compound and the koolaid for this weekend?

  2. i’m so happy!!!!

    i’ve never been in a cult before!!!!!

  3. Youre the best cult leader ever! Im so glad youve brainwashed me into saying that!

  4. What a bizarre thing to say to someone! Although it is kind of flattering.

    • The kid who said it is bizarre. He was trying to insult me, when all it did was make me and my friends laugh. Best kind of insult!

  5. Friends are overrated. Cults are where the money is.


  6. Damn right ya do

  7. I would drink poisoned kool-aid for you.

    Also, do you want to send me some of your short stories to send to Laurie or do you want me to give her your webpage addy?

    • <33333

      All of my stories are in a category, so if you want to just give her the link for them and not everything, that would be ok!

      Thank you for doing this!

      Let's talk soon?

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