Jul 252009


For Andrea, who thinks it would be hot to see photographical evidence of Henry cooking couscous at midnight.


I was standing on a chair for this shot! Look at my 70s rainbow picture frame in the background! Henry was a teenager in the 70s!

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I was only alive for the last six months of the 70s!

I didn’t eat any of the couscous, but Henry, that little blumpkin, swears it was delightful, if only it weren’t so goddamn salty.

  2 Responses to “#32 Henry cooks Couscous like a champ”

  1. I love couscous!!

  2. The photo is even more sexy than I imagined..the look of “WTF” on his face just makes it even more priceless. I’m totally using this as the screensaver for my phone. HOT DAMN!

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