Jul 252009

LadiesŽ Night Vote for my rendition!

Just imagine how GORGEOUS these songs will sound when I’m DRUNK!

My favorite part was when Alisha cowered in a corner and then tried to kill herself by swallowing a deflated balloon.

I should reacquaint myself with these songs before I go all balls out and hit record on my first try. I totally only knew the “Ladies night” parts. I winged the rest. AND I BET YOU COULDN’T EVEN TELL!

Blake just said, “Oh father, thank you so much for bringing me over here tonight so I could witness the next American Idol!”

Tip: Turn your volume down. Down more. Further. All the way.

Oops, perhaps I should have prefaced with that. Oh well.

  8 Responses to “#33 Ladies Night, Erin-style”

  1. Well…it’s ladies night. That’s for sure.
    I totally hit play before I read any of that because I just couldn’t wait to hear it. I hope there will be more!

  2. You butchered that so hard that my 4yo scowled at me across the room with a WTF on his face. I think he said, “ball gag”.


  4. haha! I love it! Your voice reminds me of Kristin Cavallari, but not in a bitch-face kind of way. :o)

    • Someday I will be able to get through an entire song without laughing like a retard. Probably not.

      I used to hate Kristin, but she wound up being one of my faves, so I’ll take that as a compliment:)

  5. Oh boy

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