Jan 232008

I just bought Henry a Valentine’s Day present, the first one since 2002.

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He is going to be 1 happee man on 2-14.

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  1. HE REALLY IS!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG. He is going to LOVE it.

    i will show you what i am buying Joey for our Anniver-tines Day!

  4. what’d you get him?

  5. I’ll email you!

  6. aw, I wanna know!

  7. Why don’t I know what it is, jerk?

  8. I almost bought one for Eric today. Target has tins of Red Hot that are all heart shaped and romantic. I wanted to include a card that said “don’t stick these up your nose” since he did that as a kid. However, I couldn’t remember if he liked Red Hots or not so I didn’t.

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