Jan 242008

The Pink Razr has finally been put to rest. Chooch
had a propensity for gnawing on it like it was a candy bar, leaving teeth marks gouged into the metal. I splurged and upgraded to a Blackberry Curve. I
like it; it has XM Radio on it. Since I’m completely fake and superficial, it’s
my new BFF.

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  1. ooooh good choice!

  2. ohhh i am slightly jealous.
    do you love it? or do you love it love it?

  3. Um, now you can listen to the Jessica Sonday show on The Weather Channel Radio Network. It might be XM 122? I forget. Regardless, I am usually on all night, because I am a party animal. I am off of work until Saturday, however.

  4. It’s not a show so much as really really boring weather. I can email you the files. Seriously. It sucks. :-)

  5. You don’t know me, but I came here from LJ to say that rap was fantastic. `

  6. you and that damn phone…

    i hate that phone. I AM YOUR BFF!!!!!!!!

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