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For the longest time, I didn’t have my high school listed on Facebook because I just flat out did not want to be found. The only reason I used Facebook at all was to keep in touch with recent friends, not reunite with old ones. But eventually, people started finding me and friend requests began to stockpile. I’d stare at them, hover the cursor over “Accept,” then veer it over to “Decline.” Then back again. Over and over until I would eventually just log out altogether.

It’s like a phobia, not wanting all those people to know who I am now and what I’ve been doing and have done and am planning to do.

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Because of the way I bowed out back then, I had harbored some uneasy feelings about my high school years and instead of remembering the good points, I’ve mostly just dwelled on the confused decisions I’d made.

But then I saw this one girl on there, and I thought, “Aw, she and I were close at one time.” We had a story-writing club in middle school. It was pretty lame, but thinking about it made something tug at me. And so I friended her, and she seemed genuinely happy to reconnect with me. From there, people started finding me. And while I only declined one request so far (for very good reasons and I have no idea why this broad would even WANT to feign affectations toward me), it has gotten easier each time, and I’ve been reminded that I’m not as horrible as my insecurities, issues and failed friendships have fooled me into believing. It’s helped me see that maybe I didn’t finish high school, maybe I didn’t finish college, maybe I don’t have a job right now (OK, this seems much worse now that I’m typing it out), but there are still things that I am doing with my life and have some cool shit that I’ve already accomplished, so maybe I’m not too much of a failure.

Coming to terms with this is a really big deal for me!

(As I’m typing this, Chooch is standing next to me, persistently chanting, “Are you done?

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Are you done?” because he wants to play puzzles on jigzone.

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com and let me just tell you, I rue the day I showed him that site.)

So in honor of high school memories, I’m sharing these scanned excerpts from my (9th?) 10th grade yearbook that I found in my old LiveJournal photo folder. They make me LOL.





So, judging by these, we learn that in high school I was: loud, annoying, mean and sometimes broke out into disco dance numbers. Sadly, it appears that I haven’t changed much, except in lieu of disco, my only dance moves on the current are raising the roof and sometimes a very lazy shimmy.

I want to know what you guys were like in high school. Tell me, tell me now!

  6 Responses to “High School Stuff”

  1. LMFAO!!! I JUST went through some old HS yearbooks with people that did not know me in HS, and it was hysterical. Just having someone point to a random picture and ask me about the person was entertainment for about three hours. It’s weird what you remember about people sometimes.

    I was a huge nerd, and most people stuck to writing in my yearbook about that. Also I was apparently on some kind of quest to deflower young gentlemen during my senior year, and that was mentioned quite a few times. Yikes – and sorry Mom.

  2. How was I in high school?
    Full of ridiculous teen angst, a total asshole with no regard for anyone or anything, in love with a different boy every week, and like you, loud and annoying.
    (In an all girl Catholic School. YIKES!)
    Lets have coffee and be mean together.

  3. DOOD, they called you HITLER?? That’s harsh!

    The way I thought about myself in high school and the way others saw me weren’t necessarily the same things. One friend at the reunion said the first time she saw me was in 10th grade health class, and I had bright orange hair, and I sat down and pulled out a bottle of nail polish that I proceeded to paint my thumbnail with (I was building up this huge thick thumbnail with layers upon layers of dark red polish). She thought for sure the teacher is going to stop her, right? But no, the teacher didn’t say anything about someone PAINTING THEIR NAILS in class! I totally didn’t remember that, but once she mentioned it I was like, OMG I was so rude!!

    Other than consistently painting my nails and putting on makeup in class… I used to throw these huge wild parties when my dad would go out of town, where people would get drunk and stoned and they’d totally do it in my dad’s bed (you know, IT), and uh, also I got straight A’s (even in gym! WTF!), and I got voted “Most Creative” and they took a picture of me for the yearbook wearing a turquoise jacket I stole from the Moose Lodge in Fargo, and a telephone on my head.

    It seems from reading this that I was a rude, spoiled child who seriously owes her father an apology… o.0

    Good times…

  4. Lauren – it’s true, I remember the most random things about people from high school but then I can’t remember the important things. Like, if I was even friends with the person, lol.

    Kate – my mom would always threaten to send me to an all-girl school and be like, “Go ‘head!” because everyone I knew from schools like that seemed to have more fun, ha!

    Mariah – I wish we went to high school together! Those parties sound fun,and you sound like someone I’d have wanted to be friends with. I never really did the big ragers at my house because my family rarely went away, (and the one time I did, I was the only one who got drunk) but I did take my show on the road a lot. I spent a lot of time being an asshole in the back booths at diners and places like Denny’s.


    Oh, what excellent friends we would have made in high school, even though I hated The Cure back then. Random disco, I would’ve been all over that with you. And I had a constant frown, so I would’ve been your Hitler buddy.

    I have stayed away from friending high school people myself.

  6. OMG, I totally recognize at least one person’s hand writing on these. I will refrain from outing said a-hole on this public forum, but will tell you if you send an FB message!

    What did I write in your yearbook?!?! Hopefully something that was not mean and at least a little clever.

    PS: TJ was a burden that we all had to put down eventually. I feel like I was finally at peace about 2 years ago, which is coincidentally (or not?) when I got a facebook account.

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