Aug 172009

I want to go back to filling this blog thing with content. Or whatever the fuck it was that I used to fill this space with. Trust me. But through a fucked-up twist of fate, the job that I thought I was being reoffered has been taken away from me because apparently I have an alter ego that smokes pot. So I have been slamming ass trying to get shit done so that I can perhaps make enough loot to tide me over until my next opportunity to hopefully pass a drug test.

So I have been biding my time with custom work. My favorite of late is a family portrait I painted as a surprise for one of my repeat customers. Her husband contacted me on the sly, sent me a few photos and gave me a list of their interests and I went from there. It was stressful, yes – custom orders always give me heart palpitations but the end result is what keeps me coming back for more.  This one ended up going real smoothly once I got started.


I got the seal of approval from the husband, so I’ve started breathing properly again since Sunday.

In other Etsy endeavors, I had started a shop a year ago with the intent to move my holiday cards there. Mainly I wanted to keep them separate from my art so as not to scare away the “normal” people who are there for the art, but even then I guess my companion stories are enough to black list me from “regular” Etsy shoppers. But really, I wanted them to be on their own so that my main shop didn’t get too variety store-esque.

noncomposbanner copy

In between multiple viewings of “Degrassi Goes Hollywood” (OMFG JAY HOGARTTTT!) & freaking out in a near-empty theater after midnight with one Janna Hazelbitch Hustwit to the spastic images of “Demons Among Us,” I sat in front of the computer in 90+ degree heat, redesigning my old serial killer cards. I am finally starting to feel content with them, especially the Lizzie Borden one which always fell flat with me.

borden copybordeninside copy

I got to go for a really great power walk in my favorite cemetery on Sunday. There is something sadistic living inside me, possibly the devil, that makes me crave exercising underneath a sweltering sun and face-melting humidity. I LOVE IT. And it gave me a chance to really give the new not-yet-released Used album a good, honest listen and I fucking swear it is so near perfection that I would like to purchase it five times when it comes out at the end of August. It’s one of those albums where nearly every song makes me blush because I feel that deeply connected to it, as though Bert has written about something that I might have some experience in. It’s just one of those very relatable albums. You should go get it when it comes out. I think it’s the best material they’ve produced to date.

Listening to it, out there in that cemetery, it made me ache, yet feel really calm within myself for the first time in months. Like when you let out a deep sigh and realize that you were practically holding your breath for what seems like an entire lifetime?

And now I just feel really content.

  6 Responses to “something about pepper.”

  1. OMG that family portrit is the coolest thing I have ever seen ever and I will be saving my slaving away for the man wages until I have enough to purchase one for myself. i can’t believe the 5 oclock shadow on the dad that is too priceless;
    You know I think you rule and if you were at my birthday party you could have totally worn your 80s prom dress and fit right in. I would have even gotten you your own bottle of champagne with a giant straw.
    PS aren’t you worried about getting murdered jogging in the cemetery while listening to headphones?

  2. Your cards make me want to send out Xmas greetings for the first time in years.

  3. Aw, I’m glad the guy liked the painting. I was sure he would anyhow though. It’s a really good one.

  4. That family portrait is killer.
    I hope that you do ones with dogs!
    Everybody needs a Borden card for the holidays.
    I would literally shit my pants with glee if I got
    that in the mail.
    Thanks for making XMAS tolerable and cool again.

  5. Andrea – YES I worry about that! I like to torture myself, though I guess, haha. When I was there on Sunday, a car passed me slowly and as the hood of it came into my peripheral, I jumped so high and screamed so loud, that the lady driving it started laughing. And then I started laughing too but goddamn my heart was beating so fast!

    Eddie – Thanks! You should buy some!

    Janna – Thanks!

    Kate – the only thing I’ve done with dogs so far is turn one into a cupcake, but I’m always open to the challenge! I’m glad you like the cards:) They’ve always been my pride and joy. OK, my kid is too.

  6. i know exactly what you mean about scaring away the “regular” etsy shoppers. dudes in bunny ears and tighty whiteys don’t really win the crowd over.
    love yer xmas cards!!

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