Sep 302016

I haven’t been painting much these last months because of lack of time and inspiration. But I did make some things for some friends and some random things that I don’t know what to do with. 

Like these guys. I have a story in mind for it but I can’t convince myself to just sit down and write the fucker. 

Bought this ugly portrait of some tow-headed dinglehoffer at Goodwill, and I needed something to  keep me from stress-eating over the weekend so I painted the background green (I mean, you have eyes, probably, and can see that) and killed him. I still have to write the recipe for murder in that book of his and add something to the right corner up there. A hanging plant with the boy’s hairy scalp sitting on it like a cap? Maybe. 

Abe still lives on my mantle, behind Chooch’s bloody baby teeth in a salt shaker, if anyone is interested. 

My friend Angie got married so here’s this. 

Barb loves to quote from Steel Magnolias so I made her this Dolly Parton painting as a pick-me-up, because it’s been a rough year and it’s nice to make your friends feel good! EVEN I KNOW THAT. 

Definitely not feeling very Ham Sandwich AF these days. Maybe I should I switch my Etsy name from Somnambulant Art to Ambivalent Art. 


In other news, no more shuttle needed to get me to the trolley! The track by my house is back up and running so now I’m starting to see all my old “friends” again, like for instance I’m standing here with Snots right now. Man, fuck that guy. Santa, bring him a fucking handkerchief this year. 

  4 Responses to “Ambivalent Art Dump”

  1. I like your paintings a lot! Do you have them put onto T-shirts or tote bags or phone cases? I’d buy.

    • Thanks! I don’t really get into the reproduction aspect of my paintings. We don’t have a decent scanner so usually once I paint something, that’s the only one. I’ve tried to make rings and pendants since the image can be small for those but they’ve never sold well so I stopped.

  2. I’d puncture some air holes in that jar of teeth.
    Eventually there will be stinkage if you don’t. In my experience (had two little boys and saved their teeth … without air holes … until I couldn’t).

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