Sep 212009

We spent the afternoon at Henry’s sister Kelly’s house yesterday.

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It was a nice time, for sure, but when Kelly pulled out some old photo albums, it was ON. Typically, I can go hogwild making fun of a gawky teen Henry wearing bitchin’ shades, high-waisted pants, and steepling his fingers. (Seriously, he steeples his fingers more than sinister cartoon crime lords.)

But then Kelly slipped me a strip of photobooth pics taken at Kennywood in 1974.

(For those of you who are bad at math, that is FIVE YEARS before I was born.

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To spell that out: HENRY IS WAY OLDER THAN ME.

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And aside from the idiotic gaping maw pose he’s got going in the last photo (he claims this was back when an actual person was in there taking the pictures and telling you how to pose), there wasn’t much I could say other than “OMG aw” and “SWOON.”

I also want to add that I’m thankful he doesn’t still have the pervy beer-drinkin’ molester look he had going on in his twenties.

  7 Responses to “Henry 1974”

  1. What a cutie Henry was!!

  2. I was but a wee lass of one when those pictures were taken. Tell Henry thanks from me for making me feel young! ;)

    PS: He was a little doll.


  4. Yeah he does look like Chooch and Blake. I wonder if their hair will darken as much as Henry’s did. He was definitely a cutie.

  5. OMG!!! HOW CUTE!!!


    And yes, I see a bit of both Riley and Blake here. :)

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