Feb 102008


 For the past several days, Chooch has been very sad and extremely clingy to his pacifier (which must always go in upside down). I started to think that he had some severe psychological shift going on, but then today we realized he was mourning the loss of his toys which we never brought back down after Game Night. Once the toy box was back in the family room, Chooch exclaimed, "Cawwwws!!!!" and the pacifier was tossed to the wayside.

In other news, today was the first day I not only sat upright on the couch, but actually left the house. I bought a new camera to replace my beloved Olympus with the taped-up battery compartment and then like the retard that I am, I took it out in the freezing fucking cold windchill wherein my fingers turned red and began to burn. Oh, did they burn. But then Henry made pizza with gorgonzola on top and I’m watching America’s Best Dance Crew or whatever the fuck it’s called and plotting my son’s professional dancing future.

  10 Responses to “Sad Chooch”

  1. Goddamn you have a gorgeous child. Amazing photo as usual.

  2. yay for getting less sick!

    oh oh what kind of camera?!

  3. LOOK AT THOSE FRIGGIN EYELASHES on that gorgeous boy. heartbreaker, i’m tellin’ you.

    you and i have the same camera.

    i loves mine.


  4. Would be perfect if not for the pacifier!!! You are going to have one hell of a time getting rid of that, too.

    Now all he needs is his “Caws” movie! Oh, and bowl. And juice!

  5. aww chooch is so adorable.
    remind me to get chhoch a subscription to auto magazines!!

    i’m glad you’re feeling better and that you got a new camera.

    i’ve missed you during this down time.

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