Jan 252017


When I was looking for new pictures of G-Dragon to use as my desktop background at work (lol), I noticed that in some of the photos from when he had pink hair, and something about him looked sort of familiar. And then I realized it – Chooch when he had pink hair during the summer of 2015!

CHOOCH COULD BE A KPOP IDOL. I’m going to push him toward this goal. He definitely needs more sequins and fun-fur in his wardrobe, though. So I’m also going to buy Henry a sewing machine.



I gotta get Chooch more blazers too. He’s going to hate his life so bad. I mean, love! He’s going to LOVE it.

Blazers with ruffles. 

21043341129_89317b815f_b 21238138341_61c0086fff_b

bb98e2941d9e4c18ceee3c0cab4656ce.jpg (500×500)

K bye. 

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