Feb 132008

Chiodos is doing an in-store appearance in Columbus, Ohio on February 24th. Perhaps if Henry goes with me, maybe stops and buys me something delicious from a truck stop vending machine on the way, I’ll let him off the hook for the next couple Valentine Days. I may have mentioned this before I left for work today and he actually seemed to give it some honest consideration.

"Are you going to act like a fucking dork when you see them?" he asked while making my macaroni (the Kraft squigles, which I do not prefer. I like a more mature shell. Or at least Scooby Doo shapes). I stood there and smiled. "That’s a yes," he grumbled.

I’m trying to make it sound really appealing for him, hinting at the possibility of turning it into a regular weekend throwdown brimming with cheap motels, hookers, gun fights at the poker game, and discarded cans of energy drinks under our feet on the car floor. Chooch will be there too. Somewhere. In the trunk maybe. Knocking back a St. Ides.

Well Henry, Y or N?

(If he says no, I’m using that as my incentive to take a lover. Where I’ll take the lover, I’m not sure. I haven’t thought that far ahead. Perhaps to see Chiodos?)

  3 Responses to “alert!!!”

  1. he really should take you. if he had any sense he would.

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