Jul 072017

Well guys, I can’t think of anything better to cap off an excruciatingly long week than a picture of a cat so please consider this photo of my cat Drew an offering to the gods for next week to be more exciting/faster/interesting. 

Bonus words: We went to Gianna Via’s for dinner tonight, after walking into Frank & Shirleys and being greeted by a surly waitress who looked at us then promptly glanced at the clock on the wall—we took that as her unspoken bitch way to communicate that they were closing in 15 minutes. WELL MAYBE POST YOUR EVER-CHANGING HOURS SOMEWHERE, ASSHOLES. I might just remove them from infamous Pittsburgh Travel thing that I post once a year. 

Anyway, we had a better meal at Gianna Via’s anyway but our waitress was way too involved and even held the menu for Henry when he asked to see the beer list. 

“Why couldn’t I hold the menu?” he whispered when she walked away. This was after she discouraged him from ordering the banana peppers on his Stromboli and talked him into the Italian peppers because they were sweeter and he would like them better. 



There was a really tense moment of silence while Henry couldn’t decide what to do. I wanted him to still get the banana peppers, really stick it to her (NO, NOT IN HER UGH), but ultimately he fell victim to her mind control and said, “Uh yeah, you know what? I’m not really in the mood for something really hot tonight. I’ll have the Italian peppers.”

What would your SERVICE friends think about you, Henry??

Anyway, Chooch the Baby asked for a kid’s menu because CRAYONS. The menu had one of those “how many words can you make” games on it and this was the very first word he found:

Yeah, this is how you know you watch too much Korean TV and that your kid is subconsciously absorbing it all in the background. 

(“Maknae” means the youngest, as in: “Seungri is the maknae of BigBang.”)

Gianna Via’s was jam-packed with lots of fat old men in golf shirts. Just in case you were wondering. 

I need to take a pill to inspire me to catch up on here. What pill would that be? Adderal, probs.

My life lately is this teddy bear. Also, try your hardest to move past that “loose” up in there – I know it’s *cringe* but the song and video are good. I like Heize. Her name reminds me of Heinz and I’m from Pittsburgh so that shit is mixed with my blood, you know?

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