Jul 302017

Today is not only just my birthday, but it’s also the day I get to see G-Dragon, like—be under the same roof as G-Dragon! I’m going to be a mess and super annoying all day so be grateful that I’m Henry’s super annoying messy problem and not yours. 

I tried to talk henry into going to the airport with me yesterday to wait for him but he was all, “THATS WHAT KIDS DO.” He did go as far as looking up flight arrivals though but all the ones coming in from NY had already happened for the day. So then all day and night I was on G-Dragon Watch, which angered henry because WHY WOULD G-DRAGON BE GETTING OUT OF AN ECONOLINE VAN? And WHY WOULD G-DRAGON BE BUYING A BANANASPLIT FROM THAT ICE CREAM TRUCK? And WHY WOULD THAT SHADOW BE G-DRAGONS WHEN IT BELONGS TO SOME REGULAR GUY TRYING TO PASS YOU ON SIDEWALK BC YOURE IN ANOTHER G-DRAGON DAZE?!

This is Henry’s life. All of my ex-boyfriends are rejoicing. 

I’ve been up since 6am because I’m just too excited to sleep! I can’t remember the last time it was like this for me. Gotta cling to those little joys, you guys! I hope everyone has a wonderful day today—I’m sprinkling my G-Dragon energy out there for all to enjoy!

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