Oct 222009

Henry and his sister want to give their mom pictures of all the kids for Christmas, so his sister asked me to take the pictures because she knows I’m a trillion times better than Henry.

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While I’m good at bossing around Chooch and Blake for photos, I don’t really know Kelly’s kids all that well so I’m kind of shy and a lot awkward around them, which sucks because I had some good ideas I wanted to try out.

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Because of this, Henry attempted to help me out by yelling directions to them, and all that  resulted in was really unnatural postionings, like he was aiming for the look of a studio family portrait shot in the 70s.

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2009 Oct 11 110

I fired him after this one. I’m not sure what he was trying to achieve by pulling his niece Stephanie out to the side like that, except inducing doubts of self-worth.

2009 Oct 11 042

2009 Oct 11 146

2009 Oct 11 087

I’m amazed that Chooch stood still for all the group photos. And Blake too, for that matter.

2009 Oct 11 065

“Call me.”

2009 Oct 11 102new

2009 Oct 11 173

2009 Oct 11 167

This is the only one I really like; it makes me want them to start a band.  I’d like to try it again some day, when the sun isn’t blinding everyone and my nerves don’t have me in a full nelson.

  13 Responses to “Not the Partridges”

  1. I love the last two! chooch would make a great frontman for a band

  2. it also disturbs me to see blake wearing the exact same outfit that my ex has worn (save for the shoes)

  3. was i dating blake this whole time, and not aware?

    it is a mystery

  4. These pictures are really good. I especially like the last one, too. I love your photos.

  5. These are all really great Erin!

  6. They look really good and natural. Love the colors

  7. I like them all but the last one is the best.

  8. Erin,

    These are awesome. You really should consider doing this as a profession instead of just a hobby. Seriously.


  9. My evil brothers and sisters and I did this for our mom one year. We’re old, so I didn’t turn out as delightful as these. I wanted to recreate the 70’s sears photo studio Christmas one she had of all of us, but was out voted. Damn, I must get a copy of that bad boy!
    These pictures are great. I even like the one Henry posed for it’s sheer family awkwardness.

  10. These do kick ass! My favorite is the last one.

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