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2009 Oct 23 001

Almost as an after thought, I decided we better carve a pumpkin. We’re seriously the most holiday-ambivalent family; even though Halloween is hands down my favorite time of the year, I’d rather just admire everyone else’s haunted yards than cobweb my own.

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We tried to decorate last year and it wound up looking like a rusted junk yard. Oh wait, that’s even without decorations.

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So after Henry scoured the house for a Sharpie (you’d think we’d have a bounty of them since I’m an “artist”) I pulled myself away from the Penguins game for a whole twenty seconds to scribble out some generic Halloweeny face and then sat back down in front of the TV with my glass of wine while Henry got all hack-happy with a carving knife. I came in during TV time outs to make with the photographic memories,

2009 Oct 23 020

We thought the booger-loving side of Chooch would emerge and make his gender proud by getting all squashed up in pumpkin guts.

2009 Oct 23 008

2009 Oct 23 025

But he was like, “Oh hell nah, that’s disgusting.” So slap another check in the Mommy”s Traits column. I’m blowing Henry out of the water.

2009 Oct 23 040

Another generic jack o’lantern! I can’t wait for Halloween to be over so I can let it rot on my porch until Christmas and then feed it to blind people.

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  13 Responses to “Pumpkin Perplexity”

  1. My son just said this morning he wished his pumpkin could talk so when it was getting ready to rot he could tell him he loved him.

  2. Haha!! Oh Erin, how I miss reading all your writings. I’m going to have to get back in the loop. I love it!

  3. Haha great pictures. Pumpkin guts are just gross. I think I get that look same look Chooch has on his face every year.

  4. I think it was being traumatized by pumpkin guts as a child that turned me into this: I can’t cook/touch meat or anything squishy without gloves on.
    Did you make Henry make you a delightful pie with it’s innards?

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  6. Oh Chooch’s face is classic! He’s so cute!

    I think the pumpkin is cute, too.

    • I wish I gave more of a shit about the intricacies of Halloween. I mean, it’s my fave holiday, but we all know I’m just way too lazy to do much to express that. Besides, to quote Ministry, everyday is Halloween.

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