Sep 222017

I need six people to come to my house STAT and learn this dance with me. (I’ll be J-Hope.)

Jimin’s part at the 1:22 mark reminds me of Gene Loves Jezebel. I told Henry and he was like *MOTHER OF ALL FROWNS*. He hates when I make vague and obscure music connections. 

I keep trying to brainwash Janna into liking them so she can see them with me next time they have a US tour because Henry the  k-hipster doesn’t care for them because they’re “too popular.” OK Henry. Go back to your secret Ted Nugent playlist. 

Anyway, I figure a few more kpop fitness nights at my house and Janna will be sufficiently fan-girled. 

UPDATE: Janna’s bias is either Suga or V, she can’t decide yet but this is what you call PROGRESS. 

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