Jan 012018

I woke up to a bunch of texts from friends re: BTS’s Dick Clark NYE performance and that made me really happy! But you guys, I can’t stress how much better their Korean TV performances are.

I was going to share their KBS Song Festival performances from the other day where they gave an epic fuck-you to all the people who say they can’t sing, BUT THEN I went on my Naver homepage yesterday and saw this performance they just did for Go Go (which I actually like better than Mic Drop but whatever) and decided to share this one instead because we can all use some aegyo in our lives right now. The hearts kill me!

I started writing my 2017 recap the other day but that shit is exhausting so maybe sometime this week I’ll muster up the mental power to plow through it. 2017 was a real mixed bag for me but I’m gonna try to keep it posi.

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