Feb 242008

We just left for Columbus.(We were supposed to leave yesterday but I insisted on wasting money at that gay car show.) Technically we left at 10:30 but Henry was nervous that he didn’t lock the door, so we turned around. Then we were fifteen minutes into the trip when he stopped to get gas and I discovered I left my credit card at home.


So we turned around.

Henry locked the deadbolt and I was having a hard time unlocking it, because I’m worthless, so he huffed out of the car and stomped down the sidewalk to do it for me. I was laughing giddily which only angered him more.

But now we’re back on the road. He won’t talk to me. This is going to be the longest three hours. I’m glad I brought a book.

  2 Responses to “Chiodos @ 6:00”

  1. is the book nicholas sparks???

    i bet you guys will have a blast.

    by you guys i mean you and chooch.

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