Jan 082010

In his general high octave whine, Chooch is demanding a refill in his cup.

Henry asks what was in it.

“Hot chocolate,” Chooch answers, right before deciding that I should get it for him instead.

“Because she got it last time, and you will not know how,” he explains to Henry, in a tone alarmingly cross and indignant for such a small child.

“There’s not much your mother knows how to do,” Henry mumbles, pulling the milk from the fridge.

“So it can’t be that hard.”

It feels good, laughing that hard.

There is so much snow here in Pittsburgh and it’s making my house feel like the duplex version of the fucking Overlook, but instead of a kid riding around on a tricycle chanting REDRUM, I’ve got a Chooch riding around on a tricycle chanting obscenities and, with just a roll of his eyes, evoking more chills than those creepy dead twin girls.

This is the perfect weekend to watch horror movies. What are some of your faves?

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  1. anything with zombies. okay, not anything… like, zombie strippers is terrible. oh, and shatter dead. utter crap.

    stephen king’s IT scares me a bit to this day.

    i just watched the devil’s backbone and i liked that very much. i also watched the remake of last house on the left. it was surprisingly graphic. i can’t really say that i particularly liked it, but it was okay.

    • The Devil’s Backbone was an excellent movie! Have you seen The Orphanage? I think it’s French, but I can’t remember now. I watched it in broad daylight and it scared the PISS out of me, though it was also very sad.

      I haven’t seen The Grudge, but the original version, Ju-on, gave me nightmares for weeks! So I can’t make fun of you, lol.

      What’s your favorite zombie movie? Have you seen Dead and Breakfast?

  2. oh, right. it’s totally corny and soooo lame to like a pg13 horror movie but the grudge and the grudge 2 scare the crap out of me.

    the grudge 3 not so much.

  3. Werewolf movies! Ginger Snaps, all three are good movies.

  4. Just watched “The Dead Girl” sooo messed up.
    Also “The Wig” if you’re still scared by that whole Asian chick with hair in her face thing…I still am!
    Damn, I love all these movies that were mentioned, even those called crap.
    In other news, I got Paul a Jason Martinko Revue t-shirt and he was totally beside himself with excitement.

    • I haven’t seen either of those, and I’m still scared of the Asian bitch from Ju-On so I’ll check those out! I love Asian horror. There was one we watched not too long ago and it started out with this girl’s parents locking her in a closet or a trunk and forcing her to watch through a hole as they had sex, and I was like, “Oh, Asian horror.” I can’t remember the name of it but in true Asian fashion, it was highly disturbing and didn’t make any sense.

      I still think it’s so funny that you guys watched that movie! I’ll have to rent it. In the documentary, there was this part where the cops to the house for some reason while no one was home, and they still had all these staged murder scenes set up in the basement. It made me laugh.

  5. Ghost/possession movies are the scariest to me. Poltergeist scarred me when I was little. I remember even being scared by the first one! All of the Amityville Horrors and Nightmare on Elm Streets were bad for me too (except for The Dream Master, what a joke). The Possession of Emily Rose was pretty scary too.

    I don’t know about the movie version, but the book The House Next Door is supposed to be scary. I got my mom to judge it for me, because I was working overnights in an 80 year old house at the time. She recommended I save it for after I quit. Which I have! I should check that out myself. :p The Ruins was absolutely the most psychologically terrifying book I’ve ever read. I don’t want to ruin it (ha) by watching the movie.

    I’ve been making an effort to watch some of the 80s horror I remember watching or seeing the boxes of at the video store. Happy Birthday to Me was always a favorite when I was little, and it’s actually a half-decent movie! The Entity is a piece of CRAP, have you ever seen it?

    I downloaded The Orphanage but I was waiting for a free evening to watch it, I don’t like watching scary movies during the day. But maybe I should! I also have The Changeling, have you seen it? It’s supposed to be genuinely scary.

    I really *want* to like asian horror but there’s usually just one or two truly scary moments, and the rest of the time it’s just all WTF to me. I saw Audition but I don’t understand AT ALL why people think it’s so disturbing, same with The Tale of Two Sisters. I had to watch the American version of Pulse before I really understood the story. :( I’ve never had problems like this with any other genre of foreign film!!

    • Errr, *second Poltergeist*, that is what scared me also..

    • I loved the Changeling as a kid!! That movie was so scary to me. And The Entity scared me too, but I was like 7 or 8 when I saw it. It’s weird, because I just mentioned that one the other night when we were watching Paranormal Activity (CRAP!!!).

      The Orphanage is really truly good and has a lot of genuinely creepy moments. I loved it. I’m not one to go out and buy DVDs but I would actually like to own that one.

      I do like Asian horror. It’s funny, Henry and I watched “A Tale of Two Sisters” a few years ago and the subtitles were out of order. We didn’t think anything of it. I remember being like, “God these people go out of their way to make their movies confusing as shit!” Supposedly that American movie The Uninvited is based on that, but I haven’t seen it yet.

      The Audition didn’t scare me, but I did like it. I think my favorite in that genre is Visitor Q. It’s more weird/morally disturbing than scary. It made me feel isolated. I can’t explain it! But it definitely resonated with me.

      There’s one called Memento Mori that maybe you would like. I remember it was visually stunning (OMG when I did turn into a film fruit?) and I’m pretty sure the story was easy to follow. We were really into Asian horror for awhile because there was a place called Incredibly Strange Video down the street that had the best selection, back when it was still kind of hard to find that shit here. Now that place is gone and I’m out of the loop!

    • “(OMG when I did turn into a film fruit?)”

      Also: OMG when did I suddenly become dyslexic?? This has been happening a lot lately!

  6. Yeah this pretty late from the post but, Just LOVE The Shining!! My girls arent twins but very close in age 13 mnths and do the (come play with us) all the time!

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