Jul 252018

Remember in school when people would sign yearbooks with “R/M/A” and it was supposed to mean “remember me always” but everyone knew it really meant “rip my ass”? I am so close to waking Henry up right now to see if that was a thing when he was in school, back when there were one-room school houses with a wood-stove in the back and he walked over the river and through the woods, past the farmer in the dell, cardboard flapping under his feet and then sent a smoke signal to let his mommy know he made it ok. But I don’t think acronyms were invented yet back then.

Just something that’s been on my mind, guys.

Here is a song I like because there is one part, a split-second part, that reminds me of a song by a western pop singer that I really like and like I swear to god I will PayPal you like $5 maybe if you can guess it. #likelikelike Henry couldn’t. Chooch did right away.

On that note, time for my gin bath. Also, I broke my calf muscle today.

Say it don't spray it.

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