Aug 022018

This radio performance makes me smile, like my head could split in half, but then I get sad because I miss Jonghyun so much and wish time could rewind so they could all be together in a room, having fun and laughing with each other again. But then Jonghyun would be in pain again. :(

Also, I want Onew’s sweater.

Also, Taemin is everything as usual.

Also, I can’t sleep.

Also, Chooch and I saved a locust from uncertain death on our way back from our walk which also featured my Mexican boyfriend telling me goodnight! Anyway, we diverted him from walking into the street by transferring him to a yard, via a leaf-mobile.

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“That could have been the end of his life!” I sighed.

“Well to be honest, they don’t have very long lifespans, so…

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” Chooch said. GOD OK POINDEXTER.

Also, I was talking about the locust and not my Mexican boyfriend in case you were wondering.

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Also, I didn’t know it was a locust and thought it was a tiny alien car but Chooch said, “No. This is a locust.” That’s how I knew.

Say it don't spray it.

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