Nov 282018

Taking a break from words today to share four kpop MVs that are getting lots of play in my house.

  1. The new NCT 127 slays, as expected. I think I finally have an NCT bias, and it’s Haechan! Now I have a curiously sudden urge to bedazzle my gas mask:

2. This song by newcomers Fanatics-Flavor reminds me of the girl group songs that originally got me into kpop: it’s quirky, colorful, and VERY kpop:

3. Guys, Key from SHINee released his first solo album and it’s *fire emoji*. This is the second MV from it and it features Crush, whom I also love. Support Key, support SHINee!!!

4. This next song came out last week and I must have watched this MV 100 times on Thanksgiving.

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EXID was one of the first girl groups I stanned, and this comeback is significant because it’s the much-anticipated of their leader, Solji (second from the left in the YouTube thumbnail below), who sat on the sidelines for over a year due to complications with hyperthroidism.

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  This new song is DAEBAK and the MV is classic EXID.

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It’s all saturated colors,  simple yet mesmerizing choreo, and effortless comedy.

SO THERE YOU GO. Four music videos that you can either ignore or watch, maybe even send to a coworker or show the guy next to you on the bus.

Say it don't spray it.

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