Jan 272019

Getting ready to see Winner in a few hours and I feel sick! I almost always get sick with nerves before a show but once I get to the venue I’m good.

Anyway, we’re up in Toronto this weekend for the show and it’s like 17 degrees (Fahrenheit, I’m American) so that’s been a real treat. My face got so cold at one point today that I could barely get my mouth to move in order to talk and wondered if that’s what it felt like to get Botox, then I immediately became paranoid that I was going to lose the tip of my nose to frostbite.

We’ve gorged on some beautiful vegan food, taken a bunch of mural pictures, worn out our TPC weekend passes, and made fun of Henry a billion times. I’ll recap all that later in the week and will probably live-blog our drive home tomorrow, so now you know my semi-agenda I guess.

Hope you’re all nice and warm wherever you are! And see you soon, Winner!!

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