Feb 142019

We spend so much time making Valentines for other people to send to each other that this day has almost become sterile in a sense.

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I remember when I used to get RULLLLL bent out of shape if Henry do enough/anything. And I still talk a big talk but deep down, man, I’m lazy in that department too. Just reposting that cake-baking post made me tired! I can’t imagine doing the actual thing nowadays!

But today ended up being just right. I was still in a good mood from yesterday when I came home from work to the bias mother lode from my pal Veronica! Look at all the hotness in this picture, I dunno how that envelope didn’t burn up en route to P-burgh.

She knows all my faves! I’m especially taken with the Haechan bookmark. I took all this loot to work and was showing my work friends who were just like “wow omg” because they were JEALOUS. Glenn of course was like WHY DO THEY ALL LOOK 12 and I was like BECAUSE THEY TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES GLENN OK.


And Sue brought in Valentine treats for everyone and it was just very lovely, and even though it was another hectic, understaffed day, I refused to let it get me stressed out and I smiled a lot, stayed positive, thought of Taemin…you know, all those things.

I didn’t even care that I was on late shift and Jeannie gave me a stupid project to work on!

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Then Henry picked me up and when I got in the car, he said, “here take this” as he slapped my arm with a bouquet of flowers. I don’t even like flowers but that delivery was amazing, lol. Also, I think he bought them at a gas station but whatever. Because then he posted this on Instagram and that kind of made up for it:

I mean, in addition to the weird spacing of this caption, he forgot amusement parks, the cats, and grilled cheese. But whatever it was still kind of cute I guess I dunno. How do real couples even show love, I’m so out of the loop.

Actually, the real VDay gift was that he cleaned out bedroom and I can’t tell you how ecstatic this makes me because our room looks like college kids live in there most of the year.

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There is nothing like a nice, TIDY ROOM and I don’t think I have ever used the word “tidy” before but FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING.

Then Chooch gave me this cute card and some healthy fitness nutrition bar thing that was actually super decadent and delicious.

This made me laugh because the 7 he’s referring to is level 7 of the Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution series we’re doing. We didn’t Cardio level 2 tonight because Valentines Day is NOT A REASON TO TAKE A NIGHT OFF FROM OUR FITNESS PROGRAM, PEOPLE. We are obedient little exercisers.

And now I will cap off this night with some Kpop videos, Seoul vlogs, and MAYBE ONE ROLLERCOASTER POV.

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