Feb 252019

So today was RULL awesome! I got to work bright and early, actually nearly 30 minutes early, and I was just casually hanging out at Margie’s desk, talking about acorns and snakes (????), holding my coffee supplies in my hands, when suddenly, Lauren came bursting onto the scene.

At first I was like, “oh yay, there’s Lauren! Hi Laur—” and then that quickly morphed into a, “WAIT WHY ARE YOU HERE I THOUGHT YOU WERE LATE SHIFT?!”

She was just like, “Nope, not me” and then Glenn piped up from his desk, “Roll Call says “Erin late shift, working from home’.”


I was so pissed that I wasted a whole morning waking up early, getting ready for work, begging Henry to drive me to work, when I could have been chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool in a messy bun in my living room.


“Welp, byeeeee!” I cried to everyone and Lauren was like, “you don’t wanna stay and hang out??” NOPE! Not wasting a precious “work from home” day!

So I grabbed my purse and ran out to catch the trolley. Luckily, Chooch had a two-hour delay today so I called him in a panted and cried, “DO NOT LOCK THE DOOR WHEN YOU LEAVE! I AM COMING HOME!” because if you’re a card-carrying member of the OhHonestlyErin frequent reader club, or work with me and have to hear me whine, you know that I do not have my original house key and I cannot use Henry’s or Chooch’s house keys because they were cut stupidly and I always cut my hand when I try to wrench it into the lock.


So then I got home and instead of relaxing for the 90 minutes I had left before I had to start working, it occurred to me that I should probably do a test run because we recently had an upgrade at work and I wanted to make sure I could connect.

I COULD NOT CONNECT. So I had to spend 30 of my 90 free minutes on the phone with the HELP DESK UGH and they gave me a work-around which was fine but my Outlook was missing all the shared inboxes I use daily and I was like HELLO I NEED THESE but then the help desk wasn’t answering me so I had to work on some weird generic work desktop, using only ONE SCREEN (the horror!!) and eventually I was resigned to the fact that I was probably going to have to just hop back on the trolley and work my late shift from the office (and my co-workers *cough*Glenn&Todd*throat clear* would never let me live that one down) when finally my help desk hero came through and called me with a BETTER SOLUTION that enabled me to connect to my actual desktop and holyyyyyyy shit this blog post is so boring.

The moral of this story though is ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SET AN ALERT WHEN YOU ADD SHIT TO YOUR PHONE CALENDAR. I had “late shift” in my phone for today but A LOT OF GOOD THAT DID with no alert set.

Other than that, great Monday! No complaints!

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