Mar 192019

On this relatively boring Tuesday, I would like to share a song that has been etched into my eardrums ever since it was released last week.


  • Park Bom was once 1/4 of (arguably) the best Kpop girl group of all time, 2NE1. They disbanded way too early, after only 7 years together, at the end of 2016 right when I was really getting into Kpop and it’s always bummed me out that I didn’t get to experience them in real time.
  • The girl who makes a cameo in the song and video is Dara, also a former member of 2NE1. There are always rumors that she and GDragon are dating and I wouldn’t be mad if it was true.
  • Bom (봄) means “spring” in Korean.
  • Park Bom had a scandal a few years back because her family in the US was sending her prescription pills for her ADHD that she was unable to get in Korea and even though she was never charged with anything, it still nearly killed her career and the fact that she had just this solo comeback is a HUGE DEAL.
  • I read that the fact that she has foreign girls singing around her in that one scene in the video symbolizes that the foreign fans stuck by her through her “scandal” and subsequent hiatus while the Korean fans canceled her.
  • 2NE1 was actually primed to be the first girl group to break into the US market but poor management & planning by their agency ruined that. Now that same agency is attempting to do it with their new girl group (Blackpink) and 2NE1 fans are not impressed.
  • (I like both groups but 2NE1 is superior in my opinion.)
  • You may have actually heard 2NE1 before and never known it! There was a routine YEARS ago on So You Think You Can Dance that used this song, and also it was in a commercial or two, I believe because I remember instantly recognizing it years later when I saw the music video for the first time:

And that’s all for this week’s Kpop101 lesson.

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  1. I am actually so thrill to find another blogger who likes to talk about korean stuff (or men) like I do, especially another 2NE1 and BB fan. Excited for Bom’s comeback btw. It’s been so long I missed her.

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