May 032019

Whenever the winter-frost on my heart starts to thaw and the windows in the house can finally be thrown open, I usually feel inspired to listen to some smoothAF tunes. For instance, during the spring of 1998 when I lived in my first apartment, I went through a heavy phase where I spun nothing but Ultra Lounge compilation CDs that I used to buy at Eide’s. People would walk in all confused because I’d be blasting weird-ass bossa nova shit while laying on the couch, all a’wash in black light, staring up at the glow-in-the-dark Slinkies I had hanging from the ceiling. That was a good vibe and now I think I need to revisit blacklights and glow-in-the-dark hangy-things.

Currently, and I know this will probably be very shocking, I’ve been listening to various Korean R&B-ish playlists at night and it really helps me unwind. It’s that perfect springtime vibe where things are picking up after winter but not yet moving full-throttle like they do in summer. When I think of spring, I think of relaxation and, you know, leisure. It’s that time where stop complaining about the calm and aren’t yet ready to bitch about the heat. It’s that perfect patch of time, and here today I am sharing five perfect K-Chill tracks to soundtrack this fleeting season.

*This song is probably my favorite out of this collection. It came on in the car on our way to King’s Island on Saturday and I replayed it like 4x times and I don’t even think Henry noticed.

*Fun fact: no matter how many times I practice while walking to work, I cannot master the pronunciation of this guy’s name and it kills me.

I wish I was sitting by the Han River right now, at night, listening to these songs.

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