Jul 302019

Yaaaaah, hi guys. We’re on the Express Train to Incheon Airport because we’re going to Tokyo for a few days!

So far, this trip has been exceptional. I was really worried for the first two days because of my eye, but it appears to be all healed now and I started wearing my contacts again even though Henry the Optometrist advises against it. Lemme tell you, it’s a new brand of disorienting when you’re having eye issues in a foreign country, but also extremely Erin R. Kelly-ish.

Daily selfies while Henry the Oaf was still slumbering like a fucking prince.

We didn’t have much time to do anything before leaving today, and it was storming in the morning so nature-y things were out of the question. I suggested that we go to this new robot cafe called Bot Cafe where robots make your coffee and this apparently unleashed a swarm of hornets into Henry’s asshole because it was in Seongsu which is the opposite direction of the airport and also didn’t open until 11 so we were going to be really rushed but I Veruca Salted my way onto the subway (after buying an adorable umbrella at Daiso because the one I had been using that was provided by the guest house is a long one and since we weren’t coming back to the room, I needed a retractable one to be able to fit into my backpack, so this was another thing that Henry was mad about).

Worth it, obviously.

Anyway, Seongsu is like 20+ stops from where we’re staying in Hongdae and Henry was so grumbly, but I was excited because the station was a shoe museum!!

There were all kinds of exhibits and I was trying to look but Henry was oafing along without stopping.


We found the damn cafe – luckily it was right near the subway exit – but they’re still going through a soft opening so even though it was 11, they said they weren’t ready yet and asked us to come back in 30 minute BUT WE DID HAVE THAT KIND OF FREE TIME!

Ugh. We were so close, Bot Cafe. We were so close.

So that’s been the haps for Wednesday so far. Hopefully the flight goes well and we don’t have a million fights in the Tokyo subway. Because now that henry has the Seoul subway system mastered, he has to learn a new one so this is going to be amazing! I can’t wait for Henry and Chooch to have so many fights over directions in Japan.

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