Mar 302010

Hi, it’s me. I have been trying fruitlessly since Sunday to get Henry to post in here. He witnessed quite a spectacle at the grocery store and I said, “Henry my love, it seems to me that this would be an ideal entry for you to guest-blog over on that namsy-pamsy Internet diary I maintain.”

But he’s too busy tugging on himself under a Cars blanket while watching previews for Mary Poppins.

Internet, I’ve failed you. Or perhaps this is considered collectively as a triumph, in which case I shall take a bow. As soon as my muscles stop aching from the extra workouts I’ve been stuffing into my days as a pathetic way to fill the bottomless pit of unemployment.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to invade Farmer McDonnells farm on Zombie Farm. My life is enviable.

Axes in hoes,
Erin Rachelle

  2 Responses to “Piss and Moan”

  1. Boooooooo, Henry.

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