Apr 162010

Chooch will be FOUR (!!!) on April 25th so we’ve been all immersed in planning his birthday party. He’s still gung-ho about the zombie theme and I had big plans for the invitations. While I love my new job, there’s still that little bit of anxiety that comes with starting something new, and paired with the fact that I now have much less free time, the original invitation idea will have to wait for another year.

Instead, I thought it would be fun and simple if I just had Chooch draw a zombie. Then I scanned it, added an exposed brain, and digitally colored it. It was perfect, because my childish art skillz basically merge effortlessly with those of an actual child. It ended up being so cute and I was so proud of Chooch for his contribution, and we didn’t even butt heads! But it made me sad that only a few people would get to see it, so I changed the front to read “I want your brains” instead of “Chooch wants your brains,” and now they can double as note cards in case you want to send your pastor a note about last week’s sermon or tell your hair stylist that you’re cheating on her with the broad at Philip Pelusi.

zombiefront copy

Set of 5 on Etsy!

  6 Responses to “Chooch and Erin’s Big Collaboration”

  1. i <3 these.

  2. These are awesome! Looks like there will be another artist in the family… :)

  3. Our invite is now fridge art, so freakin’ cute, we love it!

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