Oct 202019

We went to King’s Dominion last weekend and I really wanted to do a recap of that this weekend but time got away from me as usual and now I’m finding myself with a short window of nothingness to finally sit down and let my fingertips do some word-retching. So instead, here’s a quick rundown of my weekend so far, in pictures, which has been really great and why can’t October just be 90 days long already, ugh.

FIRST, my weekend was off to an incredible start when I came home from work on Friday to a huge box of kpop goodies from my friend Veronica! It was the motherlode of Korean memorabilia and I honestly didn’t deserve it – she even included tshirts for Chooch and Henry! I will always appreciate our long-distance Instagram connection and it is a blessing to have someone to fangirl with! In addition to a ton of kpop stickers and photocards, she also sent me a Taemin dogtag, a Red Velvet compact mirror, a SHINee “Married to the Music” pin, k-beauty products, and two kpop coffee cups, like this beautiful Taemin one:


She also sent me the Taemin version of the Super M album because she knew I panicked when ordering mine and got the group version instead. I hope that I get to meet her someday! (Henry just casually said, “Sure why not” because he appreciates the fact that she absorbs some of my kpop mania so his life is a bit easier, lol.)

On Saturday, we did our usual “post office and Pitaland” routine. I’m not recognized as a “regular” anywhere aside from the Brookline and two downtown post offices, Pitaland, and a handful of non-Starbucks cafes downtown. Anyway, we always get pita, yogurt, and Medjool dates (theirs are soooooo soft and fresh OMG) but sometimes we get something from the dessert display too and this time I made the rash decision of choosing the pomegranate Turkish delight with rose petals, and then immediately regretted it because sometimes things that are too rose-flavored can be off-putting.

BUT BOY, THIS WAS THE LEGIT JAM. Literally the best Turkish delight I’ve had in my life. It was refreshing.

Later that afternoon, I met Jiyong for the first time in three weeks and it was so good to see her! She had friends visiting last weekend and she brought me a little treat bag of various Choco Pies that they gave her and I was so thankful! She taught me how to talk about horror movies in Korean and then we talked about Asian horror movies and I told her how I decorated one of my co-worker’s offices for Halloween one year as “Ju-On the Grudge” and she thought it was so funny, and I was like, “THIS IS SO GREAT THAT SOMEONE FINALLY GOT IT!”

Because everyone else was like, “…..?” when they saw his office, lol.

MEMORIES. I actually just sent a bunch of old “work Halloween decorations” blog posts to my co-worker Margie and she was like, “SUE LET YOU DO THIS?!”

Anyway, I like hanging out with Jiyong because even though my Korean sucks, we can at least talk a lot about the various k-dramas and new kpop releases (she likes Super Junior and they just had a comeback). I told her about the mini-comeback celebration I’m planning for G-Dragon (he gets discharged from the military next week!!) and she cracked up, lol.

Speaking of, I think I’m going to make GD photocards to go along with the cookies so my coworkers can all have a picture of GD for their desk. I AM REALLY THE MOST THOUGHTFUL.

Right after that, I came home and we went right back out to a haunted house in Connellsville. We’ve been going to this one every year since it first started 4 years ago, and this was the first time we have ever had to actually stand in a long line, so that was annoying for us but great for Crawford School of Terror!

While we were in line, Chooch found a piece of a popped balloon on the ground and it became his new toy. He ALWAYS manages to find some kind of trash on the ground that he creepily bonds with. When we went to Busch Gardens 5 years ago, he found a piece of plastic from a bottle cap or something and carried it in his pocket the whole day and then nearly had a panic attack when he thought it fell out on Apollo’s Chariot.

Anyway, he kept subconsciously snapping it while we were in line and accidentally hit the man in front of us on his back, so the man turned around and said, “Do you mind?” and Chooch sheepishly said sorry and it was so embarrassing and of course we ended up being in the same group with that guy’s family so that was great, especially when Chooch told me later that he maybe hit the guy more than once.


But the haunt was great! They expanded this year so now there are two additional floors, one of them being the Basement where they blindfold you and even though we’ve already done this at Rich’s Fright Fest, it’s so damn scary but I love it.

Henry waited for us the whole time in the car, watching Netflix. What did parents do in the old days when they waited for their kids? Crossword puzzles? Affairs in the bathroom of the corner pub? Anyway, when Chooch and I got in the car, we were crying about being starving and needing snacks so we wanted him to stop at the Sheetz that was across the street but he said NO! and we were like WHY THE FUCK NOT and strong-armed him into stopping and then when we got to the register, the cashier said to him, “Oh, back again?” and Henry mumbled, “Yeah.” So I guess in addition to watching Netflix, he also went to Sheetz WITHOUT US and bought HIMSELF SNACKS. Wow Henry, the truth comes out.

And that brings us to Sunday, a/k/a today! We dropped Chooch off at his very last piano lesson with Cheryl (*cries*) and wen to the Asian market. Henry bought actual food but I went right for the candy and found these cute Taiwanese Halloween lollipops for my International Pumpkin of Horrors at work.

Then we picked up Chooch and said our goodbyes to Cheryl, who has taught him piano for….6 years? I can’t even remember, it’s been so long! She and her wife are moving to Hawaii at the end of the month and Chooch is pretty sad to be losing not only a great piano teacher, but a friend. She has been such a big part of his childhood and she told me today that he’s the only student she had who genuinely enjoys music and understands it, and that the others were there because their parents made them. But, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that she took such a punk-rock, alternative approach to teaching, and he really vibed so well with her. We will miss her dearly but I know that she is a going to have a great life in Hawaii and I’m happy for her!

And that brings us to now! I’m going to do some exercising and then work on some G-Dragon photocards, and then Chooch and I are going to Demon House tonight with Janna, so congratulations, now you know my agenda.

I will leave you with a video from Miss A. I’ve been listening to a 2nd generation Kpop playlist on Spotify and realized that I like the older girl groups SO MUCH MORE than the new ones. I wish Miss A was still together! This song is so good. Plus, Bae Suzy.

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