Apr 212010

Did you know I like the Cure? I do. A little. Just a tad. In honor of Robert Smith’s birthday, I’m posting my favorite version of The Kiss. I’ve seen it a million times, and it still knocks the wind out of me and makes me want to have hate sex. Luckily, I’m dating someone I hate so it all works out! Oh, ho ho ho.

Seriously, goosebumps galore. I still feel privileged for all the times I got to see this happen live, in front of me, standing under the same roof as Robert Smith. Or, as it were on two occasions, under the same sky. I will never take that for granted.

I used to watch this video over and over and just quite literally want to die. Many nights of drinking Manischevitz from blood red goblets come to mind. I think later today, I’ll repost the entry from when my brother Corey and I went to Philly in 2008 to see them. Because I love the Cure and I love that entry, and it’s Robert’s birthday and this is my blog so I’ll post what I want OK GOD! And maybe someday before I die, I’ll actually write about when I got to meet him, provided I can find a way to do that without getting washed down to West Virginia in a flood of my tears.

Before Chooch was born, Robert Smith was the most important man in my life. Don’t worry, Henry knows.

  3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Robert!”

  1. I have a lot of love for Robert. And BORIS is in these so I’m even more happy. So underrated as a drummer, and SO SHITTY THAT HE LEFT.

  2. He is a talented and sexy man.

    P.S. Manischevitz always makes for an interesting night.

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