Apr 232010

On the way home from work tonight, Henry and I talked about this nutcase who stabbed his wife to death because she was angry with him for staying up to watch the Penguins game last night, triple overtime and all.

“It would be the reverse in our house,” I laughed.

“Yeah, well, I’m sure there’s more to the story. She was probably a NAG and NAGGED him for the last time,” Henry said with great enunciation, taking his eyes off the road to glare at me.

“Oh, please,” I sneered. “If anyone is going to be doing any killing, it’s me.”

“But the difference,” Henry explained, “is that you’d never know I was coming. You, on the other hand, would probably trip and fall before you even left the kitchen with the knife.”

Upon further thought, Henry added, “No, you probably wouldn’t even be able to find the weapon you wanted to use, and would end up having to ask me.”

Oh, you just turned this into a competition, Douchebag Henry.

  5 Responses to “Place Your Bets Now”

  1. yes but if you managed to do that all on your own, you would have the element of surprise. and he’d be too busy being proud of you to fight you off

    or you could pay me to do it

    or put him in a wig, smother him in chocolate frosting, and just as he thinks a fun game is about to start, feed him to christina

    you totes have the upper hand due to sheer support of friends because nobody will root for henry

  2. LOLOL
    Thankyou Erin, you’ve got me chuckling away in my office and everyone else in the house wondering what’s got me giggling.

  3. I miss Henry. I have an overwhelming desire to write him another note.

    • That note was amazing. I swear he was practically blushing when he read it!
      Also, I’m having fun reading and replying to your comments; it’s so slow here tonight. Thanks for taking the time to leave them!

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